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4X-EAJ: El Al Israel Airlines Boeing 767-300ER

4x-eaj el al israel airlines boeing 767-300er toronto yyzOnce again, a Boeing 767-300ER without winglets. It has become a rare sight but we spotted it on 4X-EAJ, belonging to El Al Israel Airlines. The aircraft has been around since 1991 and had worn the colours of several airlines before settling in with El Al.

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4X-EAJ made its first flight on July 10, 1991 and was delivered to Condor on July 30, 1991 as D-ABUY. Condor is a German airline that began operations in 1956 and is headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany. Currently, that airline has a fleet of 42 aircraft flying to 87 destinations.

D-ABUY was then transferred to Air Europe Italy in December, 1993 as I-AEIY. This airline was founded in 1989 and ceased operations in 2008. While with Air Europe Italy, the Boeing 767-300ER was leased out to Air Afrique from November, 1999 to September, 2000.

In December, 2001, the aircraft switched to Volare Airlines, a subsidiary of Alitalia. The registration number changed to I-VEIY. Following that, the Boeing 767 then went to Sobelair on January 1, 2003, registered OO-SLT. Sobelair was founded in 1946 and ceased operations in 2004. The airline was headquartered in Brussels, Belgium.

During its time with Sobelair, this airplane was leased to Dutch Caribbean Airlines for a short time. The aircraft continued to be operated by Sobelair for the airline headquartered in Curacao. Dutch Caribbean Airlines was founded in 2001 and ceased operations not long after in 2004.

Finally, 4X-EAJ joined the El Al Israel Airlines fleet in March, 2004 and was named Bat Yam. This aircraft is now configured for a total maximum of 218 passengers with 22 business class seats, 28 more in premium economy and 168 in economy class.

On March 20, 2008, the Boeing 767-300ER was flying from Tel Aviv, Israel to Toronto, Ontario, Canada. During takeoff, a main gear tire exploded and fragments penetrated the inboard spoiler on the port wing. Despite the hole in the wing, 4X-EAJ continued on to Toronto and landed without incident.

Boeing 767-300ER

The first Boeing 767 was introduced in 1981 with United Airlines. The first -300ER model entered service with American Airlines in 1988. 583 of the -300ER model were produced. The ER is for extended range and this aircraft can fly 11,070 kilometres, nearly 4,000 KM more than a base Boeing 767-300.

The Boeing 767-300ER is 55 metres or 180 feet in length with a wingspan of 48 metres or 156 feet. At the tail, this aircraft stands 16 metres or 52 feet in height.

El Al Israel Airlines

El Al Israel Airlines was founded in 1948 and is headquartered on the grounds of Ben Gurion International Airport (TLV) in Central District, Israel. The airline has a fleet of 43 aircraft and flies to 56 destinations worldwide. They still have six Boeing 747-400 and seven Boeing 767-300ER models in the fleet but will be phasing those 13 aircraft out, to be replaced by Boeing 787-9 airliners.

Not included in those numbers are two subsidiaries. Up is a low cost carrier, fully owned by El Al, that commenced operations in 2014. Sun d’Or is their tourism charter airline that commenced operations in 2011.


El Al Israel Airlines

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