Air Canada Airbus A321-200

c-flkx air canada airbus a321-200 new livery toronto yyzThe longest in the Airbus A320 Family, the Airbus A321-200 is 23 feet longer than the initial variant. The first A321-100 was introduced with lufthansa in March, 1994 but few others were built. The first A321-200 was introduced with Monarch Airlines in April, 1997. Nearly 1,500 have been built since 1992 and it has been replaced by the Airbus A321neo.

The aircraft is 45 metres or 146 feet in length with a wingspan of 36 metres or 118 feet. At the tail, the A321 stands 12 metres or 39 feet in height. The flight range is 5,590 kilometres.


List of Air Canada Airbus A321-200 Airplanes

C-FGKN Airbus A321-200
C-FGKP Airbus A321-200
C-FJNX Airbus A321-200
C-FLKX Airbus A321-200
C-GITU Airbus A321-200 (Star Alliance livery)
C-GIUE Airbus A321-200

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