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C-FYJP: Air Canada Rouge Airbus A319-100 (1 of 20 In Main Fleet)

c-fyjp air canada rouge airbus a319-100 toronto pearson yyzThe smallest in the Air Canada Rouge fleet, C-FYJP is one of 20 Airbus A319-100 aircraft flying for the subsidiary of Air Canada. We photographed C-FYJP while plane spotting at Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ) on October 7, 2017.

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C-FYJP is one of 20 Airbus A319-100 airliners in the Air Canada Rouge fleet with 15 more in the main Air Canada fleet and three with luxury brand Air Canada Jetz. This airplane took its first flight on May 29, 1997 and was delivered to the main airline on June 19, 1997. It was transferred to Rouge on November 15, 2013. The aircraft is configured for a maximum total of 136 passengers with 12 seats in Premium Rouge (business class), eight more in Rouge Plus (premium economy) and 116 seats in economy class.

Certainly not incident free, C-FYJP had engine trouble on September 17, 2009 while flying from Calgary, Alberta to Toronto, Ontario. The Airbus A319 had to divert to Winnipeg, Manitoba after the left side engine malfunctioned.

On September 14, 2012, again the left side engine had issues. On a flight from Toronto to Edmonton, Alberta, the A319 again had to divert to Winnipeg. This time, the engine was loosing engine oil. It was found the engine accessory gear box had failed and the whole engine was replaced.

Again in September, this time on September 26, 2013, C-FYJP had to turn back to its point of departure after an electrical issue. This time, the aircraft was flying from Edmonton to Toronto. This incident resulted in the replacement of two circuit breakers, a connector and the #2 transformer rectifier unit.

Quite recently, on November 2, 2017, the Airbus A319 was flying from Point-a-Pitre, Guadeloupe to Montreal, Quebec. During the flight, the smell of burning plastic was detected, accompanied by an abnormal sound from below the deck plate. The aircraft was diverted to San Juan, Puerto Rico. The culprit was a faulty blower fan which was removed and replaced.

Airbus A319-100

The first Airbus A319-100 took its maiden flight on August 25, 1995 and entered service with Swissair the following year. The shortened version of the initial A320 variant, the A319 is 34 metres or 111 feet in length with a wingspan of 36 metres or 118 feet. At the tail, the airliner stands 12 metres or 39 feet in height. The flight range is 6,950 kilometres, considerably further than the Boeing 737 Next Generation family.

Air Canada Rouge

Air Canada Rouge was founded in December, 2012. The brand is fully owned by Air Canada and fully integrated into their networks. The airline flies to 49 destinations with a fleet of 49 aircraft. The fleet is made up of Boeing 767-300ER, Airbus A321-200 and Airbus A319-100 models. Through the main airline, Rouge is a member of the Star Alliance.


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