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EI-LBR: Aer Lingus Boeing 757-200

aer lingus boeing 757 ei-lbrThis Boeing 757-2Q8 now belongs to Aer Lingus, registered EI-LBR. From 1997 to 2013, the airliner was in the fleet of Finnair. The images below were taken at Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ) in Mississauga, Ontario.

Click on any of the images to get the full sized version. Below is detailed information on this specific airliner, Boeing 757-200’s in general and Aer Lingus.

Images of EI-LBR Aer Lingus Boeing 757


This Aer Lingus Boeing 757-200 took its first flight in 1997. From 1997 to 2013, it was registered OH-LBR and belonged to Finnair. Now, the 757 is based in Dublin, Ireland and is used by the airline to cross the Atlantic Ocean to destinations in eastern North America. The airliner is currently configured with 12 business class seats and 165 more in economy class for a total of 177.

The plane has been involved in some incidents, both with Finnair and with Aer Lingus. On November 20, 2011, on approach to Tenerife, Spain, the aircraft was nearly involved in a mid air collision with a Thomas Cook Boeing 757-200. 460 lives were nearly snuffed out in a miscommunication.

On April 8, 2012, OH-LBR was travelling from Helsinki, Finland to Fuerteventura, Spain when it turned back over France. The flight crew detected abnormalities in the right side engine. The plane landed without further incident in Finland and after a check, was able to make the flight to Fuerteventura.

With Aer Lingus, the airplane had issues on September 28, 2015. After takeoff from New York City, heading to Shannon, Ireland, there was a technical issue in the hydraulic system. EI-LBR returned to John F. Kennedy International Airport 70 minutes after departure. Leaking hydraulic fluid dripping on the right side brakes caused a small fire upon landing.

Boeing 757-200

The -200 is the original 757 model and entered service in 1983. The first airline to operation Boeing 757’s was Eastern Air Lines. The plane was last produced in 2004.

Maximum seating in a single class configuration is 239. The flight range is 7,600 kilometres with winglets retrofitted. This particular Boeing 757-200 belonging to Aer Lingus does have the winglets installed. The winglets increase flight range by nearly 400 kilometres.

The narrow bodied plane is 155 feet or 47 metres with a wingspan of 125 feet or 14 metres. The height at the tail is 45 feet or 14 metres.

Aer Lingus

Now owned by International Airlines Group, the owner of British Airways, Aer Lingus was founded and commenced operations in 1936. Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland at Dublin Airport, the airline has a fleet of 46 airplanes with 82 destinations.

Over the past few decades, Aer Lingus has narrowly avoided three separate takeover bids by Ryanair. Ryanair is a European low cost carrier also based out of Ireland.


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