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G-TCCB: Condor Flugdienst Boeing 767-300ER (Thomas Cook UK)

g-tccb condor flugdienst thomas cook uk boeing 767-300er toronto yyzIt’s a bit of a rare sight at Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ) to see Condor or Thomas Cook but we photographed G-TCCB while plane spotting on August 13, 2017. The Boeing 767-31KER is currently leased to Condor Flugdienst from Thomas Cook U.K. Both are under the Thomas Cook Group parent company. This aircraft has been around since entering service in 1997 but mostly with airlines that eventually merged into Thomas Cook.

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G-TCCB took its maiden flight on April 21, 1997 and was delivered to Airtours International Airways on April 28, 1997 as G-DIMB. Between 1997 and 2010, the airliner flew stints with Airtours, Garuda Indonesia, My Travel Airways and Monarch Airlines as G-DIMB. Airtours was founded in 1972 and merged with Thomas Cook Group in 2007. Garuda Indonesia commenced operations in 1949 and is currently a member of the SkyTeam Alliance with a fleet of 144 flying to 133 destinations. My Travel Airways was founded in 1990 and merged with Thomas Cook in 2008. Monarch Airlines commenced operations in 1968 and currently has a fleet of 35 aircraft flying to 43 destinations.

On March 18, 2010, the Boeing 767-300ER was transferred to Thomas Cook U.K. as G-TCCB. Since, it has been often leased seasonally to Condor Flugdienst. The latest stint with Condor began on October 31, 2016. The aircraft is configured for a maximum total of 326 passengers, all in economy class.

As G-DIMB and flying for Airtours, the Boeing 767-300ER had an incident while flying on November 25, 1998 from Las Vegas, Nevada to Manchester, England. During the flight, structural damage occurred around the cabin floor beam with minor damage to compartment paneling, the standby system power cable and associated electrical arcing.

The damage was due to shifting cargo containers that were improperly secured. The damage was not found until after the airplane had landed safely at Manchester. A thump had been heard upon takeoff from Las Vegas but was presumed to be a compartment door in one of the toilets swinging open.

With Thomas Cook on July 11, 2012, the B763 was flying from Manchester, England to Enfidha, Tunisia. Before reaching Paris, France, smoke was detected coming from a chiller unit in the aft galley. The aircraft was diverted to London Gatwick Airport for a safe landing. The unit was repaired and passengers resumed their flight the following morning.

On September 14, 2013, the Boeing 767-300ER was performing a flight from Manchester, England to Antalya, Turkey. Climbing out of Manchester, an oven in the rear galley began to emit an acrid smell. After it was shut down and the circuit breakers were reset, the smell worsened and smoke was seen coming out of the sides and top of the oven. The flight was diverted to East Midlands, England for a safe landing. The oven was removed on the runway and the airplane was towed to the terminal.

That incident all came down to a bent pin in the oven that was meant to stop trays from contacting heating elements. It was then determined that two different types of ovens were installed on Thomas Cook Boeing 767’s, with one narrower than the other. The metal trays used on the aircraft had to be forced into the narrower oven, thus causing the bent pin and the contact between the tray and the element.

Boeing 767-300ER

The first Boeing 767-300ER entered service with American Airlines in 1988, seven years after the initial 767 variant was introduced with United Airlines. The aircraft is 55 metres or 180 feet in length with a wingspan of 48 metres or 156 feet. At the tail, the airliner stands 16 metres or 52 feet in height. The flight range is 11,070 kilometres.

Condor/Thomas Cook

Condor Flugdienst commenced operations in 1956 and is headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany. The airline has a fleet of 46 aircraft, with the Boeing 767-300ER being the largest, flying to 90 destinations. A subsidiary of Lufthansa prior to 2010, Thomas Cook Group acquired the last of the Condor stock from Lufthansa in 2010.

Thomas Cook U.K. was founded in 2003 with the rebranding of JMC Air. The airline is headquartered in Manchester, England and has a fleet of 34 aircraft flying to 72 destinations.


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